Why Do You Need A Zero Gravity Massage Chair? – How a Zero Gravity Chair Works

Due to the advancement in technology terms like zero gravity is introduced. So, such technology is used in a zero gravity massage chair. The zero gravity is inspired by the chairs used by NASA for sending the astronauts in space. NASA selected the special degree of the chair in order to distribute the body weight equally to minimize the impact of the burst of the rocket. But if you have queries about why do you need a zero gravity massage chair then this blog post is a blessing for you.

It has covered all the aspects like, what is a zero gravity massage chair? what features a zero gravity massage chair should have, and what are the benefits of a zero gravity chair, and many more. So if you are interested to know why do you need a zero gravity massage chair? Make sure you have read this guide in detail. So without wasting more time, let’s jump into the sea of knowledge to clear your thoughts.

What is a zero gravity massage chair? A zero gravity chair is a chair that has an ability to provide the feeling of being in a zero gravity. When the person sits on the chair, the weight is equally distributed among the legs of the chair. This means that the pressure of the legs will be equal to each other and the person feels no pressure. So, the person sitting on the chair will feel as if he/she is floating in the air. This feature is useful for people suffering from chronic back pain and also for people suffering from arthritis.

What is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

NASA inspired the design of the recliner to make a recliner a zero gravity massage chair. NASA figured out the design because upon sending the astronauts in space, astronauts experienced pain in their back. To minimize this, a special tilt and degrees were found to make the body suspend in the air.

This degree makes the man feel like he is putting no force on the body. Such a position is very favorable for the one who wants to have the perfect amount of rest. There are zero gravity recliners that weigh about 200 pounds.

Such weight is good for keeping you firmly on the ground. You may not find the manual recliner as well as the electric recliner having such weight to hold you down. These chairs are made to support your weight and they are also made to take your back pain as well. Such chairs reduce the stress and tension of your back. If you are interested to know what are the most supportive and best zero gravity massage chair for back pain, read this article thorougly.

What Is Zero Gravity Chair? Zero gravity is a kind of recliner in which the back of the chair is supported by air instead of a solid structure. It has a recliner which is supported by the air, so there is no need for any solid structure. This makes the chair very easy to move around. The recliner has no support at all. In such a chair, the person feels like he is sitting on water instead of ground.

What Manufactures Say about Zero gravity Massage Chairs?

Most manufacturers of zero gravity chairs say that zero gravity chairs can provide you feeling of being weightless. This weightlessness feeling is experienced by the astronauts when they are in space.

Best zero gravity massage chairs are also well equipped with lumbar support. Such lumbar support is well equipped with a heating feature to relieve your spine from stress. This no stressing of the spine provides you with the scene of being weightless.

However, this not means that you will latterly float in the air. You will just feel like you are weightless and you are in the air. Zero gravity recliners are also known because they are comfortable and provide you with lots of other features. The other features are given below.

Additional Features in the Zero Gravity Recliners

There are also many benefits linked with the zero gravity massage chairs. However, it is important to know the things to buy the best one because if you have the wrong zero gravity recliner. You may not feel the same effects as you are expecting from them.

Zero gravity recliner can come with extended leg rest that raises your legs to such position in order to promote blood circulation. Such a position can help the heart to put minimum stress on the arteries and veins.

You can also have recliners with massaging features in addition to many other features such as lumbar support cup holders, swivel feature, and so on depend on the recliner. The massaging feature can be of many types.

There are recliners with the massaging feature that mimics the massaging action of the masseur. You can also control the intensity and area where you need the massage. With different massaging actions as well as heating and swivel action you can have the time of your life.

These features are there to make you loosen up your muscles. When you are in the zero-gravity weightless position you are laying on the chair with no contracted muscles. In such a position massaging action is promoted. We have a detailed guide about best zero gravity massage chairs, so if you are concerned to know more about zero gravity massage chairs or recliners read the mentioned guide. I am sure it will help you a lot to understand the functioning and benefits of having zero gravity massage chairs.

When you are sitting on the normal chair you put a strain on your back as well as spine to sit in an erect manner. With a zero gravity recliner, you will not have such a condition.

Benefits of Having Zero Gravity Chair

Zero gravity recliner has many health benefits. The recliner can provide you with benefits from head to toe. Zero gravity recliner keeps your spine properly. There are features like the S-L track that follows the shape of your spine. A neutral spine can be the healthiest posture of your body. You can have your spine to be strong with such recliners.
Following are the benefits that you can realize with the zero gravity chair

  • Can relieve tensed muscles
  • Takes Away Back and Neck Pain by reducing the pressure points of the spine
  • Can prevent injury by promoting stronger and stable spine
  • A zero gravity chair can also help the heart in proper circulation of the blood
  • It may also promote mental and emotional well-being by making you relief from stress.

By spending time each day on the zero gravity chair you can have the relaxation that you may long for. If you are elderly then you can even soothe your back pain with these zero gravity recliners. You can experience many benefits of a zero gravity chair for your whole body. You can even have a zero gravity massage chair that takes your body shape to provide you with the best experience.

The additional massaging features and lumbar heating that some recliner provides can also help you to take away the pain of your back. You can even sleep or read your favorite book on the chair. You can place such a zero gravity chair in any room. You can even watch TV in this chair. The possibilities are limitless you just need to have a creative mind.


Can You Sleep on the Zero Gravity Chair?

Yes, you can sleep on the zero gravit y massage chair because you will feel like you are floating in the midair without putting weight on the body. There are many zero gravity chairs that come with the massaging as well as rocking feature. With such a feature you can easily take a nap. Zero gravity recliners also come with a timer function that can wake you up from your nap.

Where Can I buy a Zero Gravity Chair?

You can have a zero gravity chair from a number of places. You can either visit a brick & mortar store or you can have it ordered online. You can buy a zero gravity massage chair from amazon and find the best zero gravity chair you can read our article on the zero gravity chair to find what is best.

How to Use A Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

For using a zero gravity chair, you can either sit upright or you can reach a zero-gravity position with the reclining action. Depending on the action you can either reach the recline position manually with the push on the back of the recliner or you can reach the recliner with the help of a remote.

When you lean back the footrest of the zero gravity recliner will extend. If you want a zero gravity chair for the elder people then you can have a zero-gravity lift recliner. Such a recliner with its lifting mechanism will help you to make elders sit in and get off easily.

Can you make a zero gravity massage chair for total laying back?

No, a zero gravity massage chair is for having a zero gravity position. You will have the total laying option in the zero gravity chairs. However, you can have a remote that can help you to reach the zero gravity position easily.

What Zero Gravity Chair Do?

Zero gravity chairs can relieve us from the stress of gravity. Gravity acts on us all the time so, our body has to do work against gravity. Being in a weightless and neutral posture you will not have to strain your spine.

Zero Gravity Chair also helps to decompress your spine to reduce pain caused by the pressure. When you reach zero gravity position your body will have full support and you will have deep relaxation. Your muscles will lose their tension and you will be from the burden of gravity.

How much weight can a zero-gravity Chair Hold?

The weight capacity, as well as the features, depends on the model of the zero gravity chairs. Usually, a zero gravity chair can hold between 285 and 400 pounds of weight. Zero gravity lawn or lounge chairs can hold up to 300 pounds and such chairs are for outdoor use.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is there for the manual zero gravity massage chair. When you are in the reclined position you need to lock the chair at that angle. However, having a power recliner can save you from the headache of locking with the remote you can have adjusted the reclining angle.

Final Words about Why Do You Need A Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

A zero gravity recliner is there for providing you the utmost comfort. The zero gravity chair mimics the zero gravity position of the astronauts. Such a position can help to evenly distribute the weight. In addition to the zero-gravity position, you will have many additional features of the recliner chair.

You can even sleep on the zero gravity massage chairs and you can have the best chair from amazon. With its durable design, you can easily rest on this recliner chair. There are also many benefits that you can have with the zero gravity chair. To find the best one you can look at our top pick.