Different Types of Recliners And Tips to Choose The Best One For You

People often confuse to choose which recliner should be more beneficial for them but with limited knowledge they unable to identify the best and most comfortable types of recliners.Like which recliner is good for a person with back pain, which recliner is good for elderly people, which recliner will be perfect for a workplace, and many more. In addition to this, what recliners are good for kids or most suitable and comfortable while playing games.

Types Of Recliner Chairs Recliner Chair: This type of chair has been designed in order to relax a person sitting on it. These chairs are usually used by adults and children because they provide comfort and relaxation. People can use them to sit or lie on the chair.The recliner chairs are generally categorized into two types namely manual and power operated recliner chairs. These chairs are also called as office chairs. Manual Recliner Chair: These chairs are manually operated which is the simplest type of recliner chair.

A Thorough Guide about Various Types of Recliners. You Should Choose in 2022

Types of Recliners: Nothing matches the comfort you feel when you sit back and relax at home after a long and hectic day. However, the idea of comfort is not that fascinating if you have no choice but to get tucked in the same old sofa that might be a precious gift from your grandma.

With advancements in technology, the idea of comfort and relaxation is also evolving. Sleek LEDs have replaced old bulky tv sets, and large radio sets have been taken over by FM radio in your phones. Where our dad used to get back from work to home and have a cup of tea in the shabby sofa back in his days, you can now find multiple types of recliner chairs to replace that sofa set.

If you put through a contrast test, you would give preference to a recliner over a sofa, considering the increased level of COMFORT and the DIVERSITY in options available. Where you only had the choice of color and style on the sofa, you can now choose between different types of recliner chairs that vary in SIZE, FUNCTION, FEATURES, and much more.

Whenever someone mentions a recliner, you picture a bulky couch with fancy features and find it more as a waste of money on extravagance.

A quick question may come across as:

ARE Discount Recliners WORTH IT?

It is not wrong, but with many different brands emerging in the market, many recliners provide comfort, and they are within budget too. The cost of the kid recliner can significantly vary from under $300 to up to $5000.

If you are so done with that old sofa and have finally decided to get the best types of recliners, these questions may pop into your mind.

  • Which types of recliners would be best for me? OR
  • What types of recliners options do I have in my budget?

Well, you need not worry as you have landed in the right place for solving the “recliner mystery”.

We have put together the different types of recliners that are flooding the market. A kid recliner buying guide has also been added to provide you with all information you need to know. So you have a complete hold over the information about the various types of recliners chairs

With the recliners categorized by their types, it will be much easier to find the one that suits well to your needs.

So, let’s dive into reviewing different types of recliners available.


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What Are The Different Types Of Recliners

When you head out to get a recliner or search online, there are nine common types of recliner chairs that you would always find. It is not likely that these nine types of recliner chairs can substantially fulfill your needs. Still, it is good to know about the details so you can differentiate between each type.

types of recliner chairs

The best kind of recliner will be the one that would blend well into the existing décor of your home. Or, you can opt for a recliner dedicated for a massage so you can get rid of that back pain you had for ages.

Two Position Recliners: Traditional Option

Two Positioning Types of ReclinersIf you are looking for affordable recliner options, then this is a great choice to consider. The limited features make it a budget-friendly option.

As the name tells, this recliner can be put in only two different positions.

  • Reclined

With the help of the footrest and the lever, you can move back the chair into a reclined position with your body weight. You should have in mind that it takes up quite some space. So, you should place it away from the wall and there should be enough space ahead for the footrest. You can easily find the two-position recliner anywhere in multiple styles. One thing is common in these recliners is their cheap prices. You can buy the best two positioning Cheap Recliners under $100.

Glider/Rocking Recliner Chair: For Babies

Rocking Types of Recliner Chairs

As the name suggests, the best rocker recliner can ROCK and RECLINER simultaneously. It is well suited for people who don’t like staying well in place for a long time. They can watch tv while comfortably rocking in their recliner.

The motion of this recliner also induces sleep which is a useful feature for people who have insomnia.

We will look at other sleeping recliner options ahead. Best Rocker recliners are also well-liked by mothers as they can look after the baby who is relaxed by the rocking recliner chair motion.

Push Back Recliners

This recliner type also goes perfectly by its name. Unlike other recliners, your feet swing freely in this. It does not come with a built-in footrest.

However, if you want a simple recliner with a footrest, then there is an excellent option to consider. You can get an Ottoman with it for a footrest.

Riser Recliners: Power Lift Recliner

Riser Recliners Type

People with injuries/disabilities and elders greatly struggle with finding comfortable types of recliners to sit and get up easily. The power lift recliner is the perfect type for not only these but all people due to the comfort it provides. Although it falls a little on the expensive side, the versatile features make it worth it.

It is motorized and comes with features like adjustable footrests, changeable angles, and a remote-controlled reclining position. These features greatly enhance the comfort experience this recliner provides, so it is ideal for situations when you feel super lazy.

Similarly, the two-position lift recliner also provides the same lifting function with limited recline and works in conjugation with the footrest. The power lift recliners for the elderly are also available in an infinite position where you can recline it to the desired angle with the push of a button.

How Long Do Power Recliners Last: Multipurpose

The best power recliner is a perfect pick for people who like tech-based and motorized features. Where a two-position recliner runs manually, a powered recliner can be controlled using a remote or the buttons that are added on the armrest.

Power recliners can come with different features like massagers to relieve your back pain, USB outlets for charging, or even heating so your body can relax. Some powered recliners can also be converted into a bed. So, you can find the angle you are most comfortable recliner in, by simply using the buttons.

Recliner With Heat And Massage: Back Pain Reliever

What’s better than getting a massage while you are well seated and enjoying your favorite movie? This is what a massaging recliner does. It brings a comfortable massaging experience at home. So, you won’t have to head out to a spa every time you feel like getting a massage.

With a gentle vibrating mechanism, it massages the back of your legs and back. It is among the best recliners for back pain. Some massaging recliners also come with a heating feature. These recliners are generally more costly due to their additional features. But I think, due to the wide variety, you can find the one that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Wall hugger Recliners: Space Saver

If you have limited space in your house yet still don’t want to give up on the plan of getting a recliner, then a wall hugger recliner is the right option. This recliner takes less space in contrast to others. You can keep it anywhere around the house with ease.

For people who like to sit up straight and are lazy while laying in the recliner, then they can opt for a small wall hugger recliners. It is also quite easier to get off from a wall hugger recliners in small spaces as you mostly tend to sit up straight in it. If your knees are in a bad state, then you can buy an adjustable recliner where you would be able to sit higher and would find it much convenient to get up.

High Leg Recliners: Stylish Option

For a recliner that falls more in the stylish category and would add a decorative element to your room, a high leg recliner is a considerable choice. Although they are higher-end hence costly, you can get them in an extra wide recliner range of styles from traditional to modern.

Some high leg recliners are featured with a push back mechanism which gives them an overall clean look. The top recliner styles and type determine how the legs of the recliner will be; whether standard or highly decorative.

The sophisticated overall look makes high leg recliner appropriate for formal sitting areas and living rooms.

Swivel Recliners: Best for Workplace

Having a recliner in the office sounds almost impossible considering its bulky size and the space it takes. But for people who want to take a recliner’s comfort to their workplace, a swivel recliner is the solution.

It is based on a circular design that can not only recline but also swivel towards the left and right like a rotating reclining office chair. A revolving swivel chair can spin 360 degrees to the right or left. Swivel theatre chairs are highly functional to be used in the workplace.

Now that we have looked at the nine common types of recliner chairs let’s look at the specialized types of recliners so you can find the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Special Function Recliner Types

These recliners are specifically dedicated to a function so you can easily find the one that is made for you.

Recliners With Storage Arms

If you want to keep your snacks, books or mobile charger by your side while relaxing, this recliner type provides what you need. These recliners have storage capacity in their sidearms.

Theater Home Theater Seating

These recliners don’t make any noise when you recline. And, they can hold all your snacks which makes you feel as if you’re sitting in a theater sofa recliner.

If you’re a home theater seating lover, you may need to check out one of these. Often cinema and theater owners buy these.

People usually don’t like buying these for their living rooms. We’ve also reviewed multiple options of best theater recliners.

Orthopedic Recliner

Within special function recliners, this type is for disabled or individuals having any health issues. Manufacturers of these recliners take special care to make these easy to clean. The material used is mostly leather which ensures their durability.

Orthopedic recliners are also multi-functional. You can use these as:

  • Massaging
  • Toddler Recliner
  • Zero Gravity
  • Theater Recliner
  • wall hugger recliners small spaces
  • Theaters With Recliners Near Me
  • Heating
  • reclining theater sofa
  • movie theater with recliners near me
  • Cuddler Recliner
  • stratolounger recliner reviews
  • Massage Chair Reviews
  • Electric Recliners
  • Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair
  • Cuddler Chair
  • Which Brand of Recliner is Best
  • Stratolounger Recliner
  • Extra Wide Recliner
  • Infinite Backrest Adjustability

We have a detailed guide about the best lumbar support recliners to save your back. Go and check out if your want to know which is the best lumbar support recliner in the market.

Classic Recliners

Some people are not a huge fan of the typical recliner style, and therefore they give up on the idea as they prefer to have a vintage look in their house. For providing the comfort of a recliner while suiting their aesthetic sense, which brand of recliner is best are also introducing classic style best brand recliners.

These modern types of recliners which are featured with the same functions, but in different styles, so you have more options to choose from. The styles mainly vary in terms of fabric that have different textures and colors.

Recliner Sofas

Do you want the features of a recliner but don’t want to miss the plenty of space provided by a sofa? Then a recliner sofa will suit you and your home quite well. It is a great option when you want to accommodate your family members in a cheap comfortable chair sitting space. Everyone would be free to easily lie down on the reclining theater sofa instead of going around the house looking for extra seats.

It is also an excellent investment if you are looking for the who makes the best recliners for sleeping and Watching movie nights where everyone can enjoy together recliner movie theater seats munching on some popcorn. Best Recliner sofas are available in both electric recliner chairs and manual options so you can choose the one that suits your preferences and budget.

Club Chair Recliners

The club chair recliner can be best described as a recliner packed with both style and comfort.

These recliners are usually available in leather which adds to their durability.

So, you can invest and use this recliner for many years to come.

Club chair recliners have spacious and deep seats so you can sit in comfortably, curl up as you like or even doze off in it if you are tired.

Kids Recliner Chair

Want to add a fun and comfortable theatre seating space to your kids’ room? Then there is nothing better than a kid’s recliner. If you are wondering where you can get one, then you need not worry. You can transform your existing recliner into the one for kids rocking recliner.

For instance, get a two-position recliner, add stuff toys with a cup holder on the side, and your kids recliner chair is ready. Kid’s recliner is usually made from nontoxic material to maintain the safety of your child recliner.

You can customize it with the fabric of your choice and opt for one with patterns or fun objects on it. Make sure you choose a washable fabric, so you won’t end up struggling with washing off those juice stains on the recliner.

Wingback Recliners

To add a sophisticated yet modern look to your room, you can replace your old wooden chair with a wingback recliner. It is a simple and cozy reclining office chair where you can tuck in as you read your favorite book on a recliner office chair.

The wingback design is perfect for closed up spaces and small rooms. So even if you have limited space, you can still enjoy the comfort of a recliner with this option.

Mission Style Recliners

Missions style recliner is the ultimate choice if you want a recliner that will blend in perfectly with the décor of your home. It complements all kinds of home decor and is one of the most liked types of recliners by interior designers. You can place it in your bedroom or your living room; the elegance and simplicity of this recliner are well suited for any part of the house.

Moreover, it is available in many styles and colors so you can get the one that matches well with your home.

Power Cuddle Recliners

For a cuddled-up experience, the power cuddle recliner is featured with comfy armrests and fully padded seats.

It is well cushioned with a plushy material so you can feel cuddled up as you relax in your recliner.

To add exceptional support and comfort, it also features a power reclining system, so it meets the needs of your living room.

Gaming Recliners

People who are really into gaming know that it is a desk-bound activity that keeps you engaged for many hours. It is such that you can’t even move from your place until you finish that last level. For such prolonged hours, sitting in a chair or an uncomfortable sofa can cause back pain where you end up feeling tired.

Therefore, a comfortable sitting space is vital for every gamer, and a reclining gaming chair is perfect for that. These recliners are designed to keep you well-rested, so you can continue to enjoy your gaming sessions without feeling fatigued.

To help you find the best gaming recliner, the following are some of the features you should consider:

  • Soft armrests
  • Reclining Desk Chair
  • Comfortable seating
  • Reclining Computer Chair
  • big and tall recliners 500 lbs
  • Good back support
  • theater sofa recliner
  • Best Movie Theaters Near Me
  • Home Theater Chairs
  • Recliner Movie Theater
  • kids rocking recliner
  • Movie Theater Chairs
  • Movie Theaters With Recliners
  • Recliners on Sale Near Me
  • Who Makes The Best Recliners
  • home theater seating
  • Adjustable height
  • Leather Recliners on Sale
  • Recliner Chair Sale
  • Double Recliner Chair
  • Recliners on Sale Under 200
  • Swivel and revolving

Two Person Recliners

Don’t want to sit alone in your recliner? Then don’t worry as a 2 person recliner is made just for you. It has enough space to accommodate two people easily. It has a wide design so both the people can sit comfortably.

It is great for your spouse or your child recliner to sit right next to you as you read them a book before bedtime.

Zero Gravity Recliners

Now this recliner’s name may sound like something that defies gravity, but no it does not. However, it surely mimics the motion of an astronaut during a lift-off.

The reclined position equally distributes the stress and weight to add safety. Best Zero gravity chair recliners help in improving blood circulation and relieve stress by distributing your weight across the chair.

At the same time, you relax back in a reclined position. For a more soothing experience, you can choose a zero-gravity massager chair that comes with the additional feature of a massage recliner while you recline in the zero-gravity position.

Heavy Duty Recliners

These are the heavy-duty recliners from different categories that can support plus size. Heavy-duty recliners are for both big and tall recliners 500 lbs as well as can handle heavy weight capacity.

Talking specifically about the height of tall people these recliners can support, the normal range is 6’4’’ to 6’8’’.

These recliners for tall people usually need more space as compared to other categories.

Remote Controlled Recliners

Every recliner which has a remote to operate falls in this type. Normally power and message recliners are operated with remote control. This type takes relaxation and comfort to a great level

Sleeping Recliners

Be it a short nap or you want to sleep all night after watching TV, sleeping recliners are the perfect options. Yes, you can sleep the whole night on these recliners.

These come in handy when you don’t have enough space for a reclining bed in your room or you simply want to take dual benefit. Though space requirement is low as compared to a recliner bed chair, these recliners would take more space when you don’t choose to buy a bed at all.

Ottoman Recliners

This isn’t specifically the type of recliner while it is the footrest only. Ottoman is usually purchased in pairs with traditional two-position recliners. You can also separately purchase this.

Recliner Buying Guide

How to Choose the Right Types Of Recliners – Ultimate Guide

Now that we have looked at the various types of recliners and have an idea of the versatile options, you might still be confused about how to find a recliner that fits. To decide upon that, let’s move on to the top five essential factors that you should have in mind when buying a recliner.

various types of recliners

With each element in mind, you would easily be able to figure out which recliner will cater well to your needs. Here is what you should know about recliners while buying one.


The style of the recliner is a good starting point to narrow down your options. The following three common styles would give you a clear indication of which style will suit your seating and decorative needs.


If you want a modern recliner with a touch of vintage, then transitional recliners settle well on the description as they offer a style that is between contemporary and traditional.

Although they are less ornamental than our traditional recliners, it still has some common elements like button-tufted upholstery. It comes with various aesthetic features to suit the décor of many households.


Being the most popular in top recliner styles, traditional recliners are well reputed and liked for many reasons.

It focuses more on the seating experience with strong consideration on napping friendly features, generous dimensions, etc.

The typical features of a traditional recliner include full arms that are either rounded or rolled together large footrests. To make it more living room-friendly, it can have decorative accents like turned legs or nail-head trims.


Modern recliners are more technology-based and carry features that are lifestyle-conscious. They take a matching ottoman to fit in well into the setting of your TV room, living room or even office recliner.

Leather upholstery further complements the modern look and is paired with a metal base for an appealing combination.

Another typical “modern” recliner feature is slimmer contours. If you want a more modern recliner, then you can look out for fluid curves with clean lines.


Although the top recliner styles matter, you should not neglect the functionality. We have covered about 19 different types of recliners above so you can easily pick out the one that has all the functions you want for added convenience.


The primary function of a recliner is to provide you with the ultimate relaxation that you have missing while sitting on that old wooden chair or sofa.

For a comfortable experience, you should be sure that your recliner not only fits well in your space but also has enough width for comfortable seating.

If you have limited living area space, then you can give preference to a small recliner. At the same time, for more open spaces, you can get an oversized recliner chair to cuddle in with your pet.


Material is the factor that is directly concerned with the durability of the recliner. It is better to settle on a recliner made out of high-quality material even it costs you a few extra dollars.

This is to provide you with the assurance that the recliner will not start wearing out in a year or two. Besides leather and fabric recliner, you can also find a good variety of faux best leather recliners.


Now that you have decided to invest in a good oversized recliner, then why not make the most out of the seating experience?

To do so, you can look for different features in the recliner like cup holders so you can sip on your favorite drink, a tablet holder for keeping your gadgets. A rocking feature can be added so your feet won’t be tired of staying in the same position for many hours.

Moreover, what could be better than a good old massage while staying at home? For this, you can pick out a massaging recliner.

Final Words about Different Types of Recliners

We hope that this guide has covered all the information that you ever need to know about how to pick out your perfect recliner type. We have tried our best to convey the best and the most authentic knowledge regarding the various types of recliners that are perfect for a specific corner in the recliners range. Some of the recliners are best for medical purposes and some are good for just relexation.

Recliners give a unique touch to the whole home interior setup, but it is important to have the best and the most suitable recliner type. Otherwise, it might lose its purpose or attraction. Therefore, in this guide, we have revealed all the facts that will help you to choose the best types of recliner chairs, recliner sofas, massage chairs, power lift recliners, remote control recliner lift in 2022.

So, you can save your money by investing in the most authentic and high-quality recliner.

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