Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair For Seniors Review

Pulaski Recliner For Elderly Review

When it comes to choosing the best recliner, you have to think about the purpose you want it to serve, especially if you struggle to get up from the sofa or an armchair. You also have to consider whether you want it to do more than just act as a comfortable seat in your living area.

The latest models come packed with a mound of features that actually carry a variety of health benefits. For example, some offer tailored massages to specific parts of your body, while others have heating elements that can help with blood circulation, stiff joints, and aching muscles.

Functionality aside, it is important that you choose a model that you like the look of.

After all, if you are going to spend a considerable amount of time enjoying your recliner, it has to match your home decor.

Last but not least, always keep your budget in mind as recliners today go from extremely affordable to costing you a small fortune.

With all the above in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair for its versatility and elegant style.

Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair

About The Product

If you are looking for a recliner that is comfortable, functional, packed with features, and doesn’t skimp on style, then the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair is the model for you.

Made of some of the most durable materials available, the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair is constructed with a sturdy plywood frame, and upholstered in 100% polyester fabric which is not only easy to clean but very comfortable.

In addition to this, the recliner comes with high-density foam padding meaning that you never have to worry about feeling the nuts and bold digging into your back, neck, legs, or arms. It’s strong steel reclining mechanisms means that it can lift up to 300 pounds.

Above all, the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair is bound to complement virtually any home interior as it is the perfect mix of cool, contemporary, and elegant. It can blend into any family living room and comes in a choice of brown or beige depending on your preference.

One of this recliner’s most prominent features is its ability to move from reclined to thirty degrees standing with the push of just one button, located on the easy-to-use remote control with which it comes.

If you’re buying it for a loved one that is not mobile enough to get up regularly, worry not. Thanks to its convenient yet barely noticeable side pockets, they will be able to store all their favorite magazines and books, allowing them to sit back and relax.

While some assembly is required, the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair comes in two pieces. The instructions manual is very clear- all you have to do is clip the seat back into the mainframe of the chair and you’re ready to get started.

Last but not least, this Pulaski model comes with a battery backup. This is especially handy for those who cannot sit up on their own as if a power outage occurs, the recliner will automatically go back to its upright position, allowing them to not be stranded lying backward.

What Customers Are Saying

With 91% of customers giving the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair a 4-star rating or more, it is no real surprise that we have voted it one of the best recliners on the market at the moment, specifically for the elderly and those that are less mobile.

Of the numerous customer reviews, people have written in to say how helpful this recliner is for people with health issues and who are in their later years in life as it allows them to sit up straight and lie down on their own without needing human assistance.

Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair front view.

Customers say that this Pulaski recliner is particularly good for people with a smaller frame. Owners of the chair also love how comfortable it is and how well it blends with virtually any home decor.

In addition to all the above, many have reported having a great experience with the seller, saying that in just a few simple clicks they received their recliner with absolutely no problems at all, and with no delays.

One customer, in particular, said that the support behind the knees adds a higher level of stability and comfort to her elderly mother.

And, another person who bought this chair for a Parkinson’s patient says that the slower speed at which it reclined is absolutely perfect for a person with this condition.

Last but not least, numerous reviews rave about how excellent the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair is compared to other medical-grade models which often cost more than twice the price.

What To Look Out For

With only one less flattering review, it is hard to find anything to fault when it comes to the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair.

The customer in question bought the recliner for a handicapped person and says that the lower bar in the back is too high and does not come with enough padding, with the potential of causing back problems in the long term.

While it is worth mentioning, other customers who bought this recliner for loved ones with a variety of mobility problems and disabilities did not have anything negative to say about this particular model.

Our Recommendation

If you believe the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair is the one for you or your loved one, then you can purchase it from Amazon for the moderate price of just over $540.

Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair remote.

By purchasing your Pulaski recliner from Amazon, you’ll benefit from a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty as well as the opportunity to buy an additional 3 or 5 years of protection at just over $46 and just over $78 respectively.

Our Verdict…

If you want a recliner that is packed with a mound of features specifically designed to help the elderly or those with subpar mobility and that doesn’t compromise on style, we can’t recommend the Pulaski Montreal Coffee Fabric Lift Chair enough.


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