Human Touch PC-420 Perfect Chair Zero-Gravity Recliner Review

Human Touch PC-420 Perfect Chair Zero-Gravity Recliner Review

In life, we are only given one body to get us through, so it makes a great deal of sense that we properly take care of it.  Of course, maintaining a healthy body consists of consuming quality nutrients, getting enough exercise and rest and not abusing it.  Now, how about being able to obtain highly beneficial therapeutic health results while comfortably resting?  As unlikely as it sounds, with the fabulous Human Touch PC-420 Perfect Chair Zero-Gravity Recliner, you can do just that.

The PC-420 is a high-end luxurious manual zero-gravity recliner which is made from 100% premium grain cowhide leather upholstery.  It also incorporates hand-carved and sanded wood from the Hevea Brasiliensis, or rubber tree. 

As it is made out of one of the most durable woods on the planet, this chair should last for many years while maintaining its good looks.

Perfect Chair "PC-420" Premium Full Grain Leather Hand-Crafted Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner

Escaping the compounding negative effects of the earth’s gravity is something which many of us do not often have an opportunity to do.  However, with the PC-420 Zero-Gravity Recliner, this is as simple as using your body weight to lean back and smoothly ease into one of the many possible angled positions.

The Perfect Chair provides a rare and delicate balance between comfort and support.  When the legs are raised above the level of the heart, this takes weight off of the spinal column and relaxes the body.  The enables the body to be placed in a virtually weightless position and is the healthiest way of sitting, according to doctors.     

This chair’s manufacturer, Human Touch, is the only company that designs and builds chairs which are endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC).  For those medical patients who suffer from chronic back pain, these chairs are vital to treating the ailment. 

The WFC is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to bring together and promote the services of over 100,000 chiropractors. 

Benefits Of Zero-Gravity Reclining

With the PC-420, it makes little difference which reclining angle you use, as maximum ergonomic posture is attained regardless of chair position. 

The advanced zero-gravity design of this chair allows you to relieve stress, reduce muscle pain, increase circulation and literally take a load off your body.  It can also pump up the immune system and support the body's natural healing mechanisms.

This chair is also capable of rejuvenating and relaxing the spinal column by organically decompressing the vertebrae.  If you are an athlete or physically active, it is capable of relieving fatigue, soreness, and muscular tension.  

Also, it permits more relaxed breathing by helping to increase lung capacity.  The Perfect Chair also improves blood flow, circulation, and blood-oxygen levels.

For almost 40 years, Human Touch products have provided numerous benefits to numerous users which include those afflicted with back or chronic pain, seniors who are active, people who enjoy the outdoors and those who are under a great deal of stress. 

This chair is a godsend for those who have had the misfortune of having to live with an uncomfortable amount of pain or stress.  

The Perfect Chair can also be used as a useful recovery aid by those who have had recent surgery.  Due to the zero-gravity reclining, it may allow the body to heal at a faster rate than just lying in bed. The chair can also be a preventative measure for those who are healthy and active.  With all the different uses associated with this chair, it is definitely a marvel.     

The Product


  • check
    Hand-carved solid wood base made from robust rubber tree
  • check
    Ergonomic pad design with premium leather upholstery from head to toe for superior comfort
  • check
    Wide and long armrests provide full and constant support
  • check
    Articulating headrest with a head pillow which offers complete support
  • check
    Smooth glide rails made of high strength steel which is protected from rust and discoloring
  • check
    Zero-Gravity immersion for full health benefits
  • check
    Adjustable lumbar support featuring a release valve to customize seating comfort
  • check
    Brushed aluminum leg accents for decor
  • check
    Custom options include a selection of premium leathers and wood finishes
  • check
    Size dimensions 43 x 31 x 47 inches and weight of 145 pounds


Featuring a list price of approximately $3,000.00, the Perfect Chair PC-420 is a lot more than just another expensive furniture piece.  Although somewhat pricey, you can end up paying just as much for a high-end chair or couch which has absolutely no health benefits attached to it.  

Perfect Chair "PC-420" Premium Full Grain Leather Hand-Crafted Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner

This zero-gravity reclining chair will not only assist in curing what ails you; it is a very stylish addition to your home.

If you spend some time shopping around, chances are you can find this chair for less than its list price.  Regardless, it is evident that the cost of this chair may not be within the budget of many individuals.  

However, if it is within your budget and you have a need for some therapeutic results, you may want to give it a try and see how it stacks up. 


When it comes to relieving pain and stress, recovering from surgery or maintaining a healthy body, few people think of how a chair can be used to benefit from such afflictions.

The Perfect Chair PC-420 offers a multitude of beneficial results and is both stylish and exceedingly well built to boot.  For decor purposes and a seamless design fit into your home, it is available in a variety of types of premium leather and wood stain colors.

Physicians agree that zero-gravity sitting is best for optimum health benefits and is much healthier than sitting in a regular chair.  In fact, sitting for long periods of time in a conventional chair has been shown to be unhealthy and could lead to several health issues.  

With the PC-420, you are not only relaxing in supreme opulent comfort; you are helping your body and body take a load off and literally decompress.

Over the past decade or so, human beings have become a lot more aware of their health and environment and have decided to take measures which should help them lead longer and healthier lives. 

Perfect Chair "PC-420" Premium Full Grain Leather Hand-Crafted Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner

Obtaining and utilizing a zero-gravity chair such as this model is yet another positive step toward prolonged health and longevity.  With the Perfect Chair PC-420, the term “take a load off” has never looked or felt so good. 


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