How To Buy A Recliner That is Worth It

It is important to buy the best recliner because it is a big investment. The recliner can be found for between 250$ to 5000$. It’s important that you make sure your investment is worth it. There are a lot of features that a recliner can provide and you need to look at a lot of them. I will give you a list of important things that you should look at.


Size is very important to consider. You need to consider the size of your body as well as the place where you want to place the recliner. If you are large or short in size then you would need to especially look for the recliner that can accommodate you.

If you have wrong sized recliner then it may do more harm than doing good. So, look for the size of the recliner that perfect according to your body size. You should also look for the size of the place where you want to place the recliner.

If you have less place for placing the recliner then you can look for a recliner that is space-saving such as a wall hugger recliner. You need to also keep in mind the backspace of the recliner when it reclines. There are many different types of recliners that provide different spaces from the back.

You need to leave proper space from the back so that recliner does not middle with the other furniture. Moreover, some recliners can come pre-assembled so you need to know if you have a suitable door size to let the recliner in your home.

If it does not come preassembled then you can have it in parts and can assemble it when you open the boxes.


Budget is also the main thing to consider because having a recliner takes a good amount of investment. You may find cheap recliners but such recliners can lack many good features. However, softness and durability can also affect the budget.

You may also find recliners under 200$ and all the best recliners are listed on our website. You can have cheap basic recliners that may also provide you with comfort as well as sturdiness. In our articles, you may also find a recliner that is more within budget but such recliners can provide you with a lot of features.


You need to have recliners that blend perfectly in your home décor. You can find the recliner in a different color, pattern as well as style. You can consider your room décor when looking for a recliner. You can have a classic recliner, antique recliner, regal wingback, paisley recliner, and so on.

You can also have a recliner with an ottoman to have space-saving as well as a unique look. Most recliners are made to blend in your décor. You can also change the upholstering of your recliner if you want to give your room style.

If you want to change the upholstering at different times then you can choose a recliner with fiber or cotton material. With such cloth material, you can change the upholstering hence changing the color of the entire recliner.


Recliners come in wood as well as the metal frame. Most food rest and reclining mechanisms are of metal and another frame is made with wood. You need to inspect the frame of the recliner and look for the supports that hold the frame.

The screws should also be of high quality and most manufacturers provide a frame warranty. There are also wood materials that can provide you comfort as well as durability however, steel frames are also very famous.


You should look for the foam of the recliner because it can provide you with the comfort that you are looking for in the recliner. Stand foam can density is 1.9 for the couch and it ranges from 0.9 to 0.5 in density.

Foam density can also provide depth, you need to see how much depth you need to have if you want to sit on the recliner for hours. The backrest, footrest as well as seat can consist of heavy padding that can provide with utmost comfort.

How to Buy the Recliner

Foot Rest

You need to see the footrest because just raised food can provide you a relaxed feeling. The footrest should be free from loose parts. You can have two types of footrest mechanism. There are some footrests that push up when the recliner reclines. In other mechanisms, the footrest is adjusted manually.

If you are looking for good quality footrest then you should look for a footrest having good padding as well as quality. Footrest lifts your foot to provide good circulation of your blood and to equally distribute the weight of the body so that your spine becomes free from stress.


There are many additional features that you can have in the recliner. The features are because of their different need. It can come with a swivel feature, lift feature, rocking feature, gliding feature, and massaging feature.

The different features are for different people. If you have a movement problem then you can have a swivel feature as well as a lifting feature. The lifting feature is best for those people who have pain in the back, foot legs or they have any issues or injuries related to knee, back, and so on.

You can also have different massaging feature and well as other features like an extra compartment for storing things, cup holder, lumbar heating, and so on.

Degrees of Recline

If you have the manual recliner then you will have the tilt degrees according to the set amount by the manufacturer. Upon pressing the lever you may be in those reclining positions.
There are also lay back recliner models that provide you total lay back degree. If you have a power recliner then you will also be able to have degrees of recline with the remote. If you want to have a nap then you can have the total layback recliner.

Massaging Feature

The massaging feature is the highlighted feature and it may come with different massaging modes and intensity levels. You may also have different massaging pads that may be controlled individually. The more you increase your budget the more massaging features you will have.

You can have different types of massaging that would be there to mimic the real-life massage. With the intensity level, you can have a powerful or light massage to get relief from pain.
Massaging feature can also come with memory foam that remembers the shape of the body also with S and L track feature the backrest can perfectly track your spine. There are other massaging features that you can have with an increase in the budget. So, if you really want a recliner that works best then have a good budget.


You should also look for different comfort features, you can either have comfort with extra padding and you can also have comfort because of good lumbar heating and support. Comfort is the priority of the recliners so you need to look for the comforting features of the recliner.

There are also many qualities in the spring so, you can have such springs to have more comfort in sitting. Moreover, you need to look for any nails or screws that may be on the footrest. If those screws are coming out then it may penetrate the upholstering in the long run.


Recliners come in different upholstering materials and different upholstering is also for different people and for different environmental conditions. You can have upholstering made of wool, fabric, PU leather, fine grain leather.

The wool material can be soft but it is hot so it can be used in cold places. Moreover, fabric cloth material can provide proper air to the back and can be used in hot places. However, the fabric can become old with time but you can replace the fabric with other fabric material. This can also give you new colors of the recliner.

The recliner also comes in pure leather material. This leather material is original leather but it is recycled and glued together. Leather material can also be good for cold places and can provide you with easy to clean property.

You seldom come across a fine grain recliner because such a recliner may be very expensive to have. So, put leather is there and it is easily available.


You should also look for a warranty and many recliners will provide you a warranty for even 10 years. In general, you can have 5 years warranty or a 1-year warranty. There are also other protection plans that can provide you a warranty.

There are different parts as well as a frame warranty that you can have for the recliner. See the warranty mentioned on the recliner also read the terms and conditions involved in the warranty of the recliner.


There are many things that you need to consider if you want to have perfect recliner. A perfect recliner comes with different features and it is also cheap in price. The goal is to find the perfect balance between prices and features to have the recliner.

You can look for your size as well as recliner size to know what fits you the best. If you are more or less than average-sized then you need to look for the recliner that best suits your body and well your room. Size can be the most important thing for the recliner.

You should also look for the budget, décor, frame, comfort features, and upholstering. With a warranty in hand, you can have the recliner for years to be. If you want your recliner to be changing colors then you can have cloth upholstering that you can change with time.