Top 11 Best Zero Gravity Chairs | Best Buyer’s Guide 2022

Life today has gotten hectic and troubling in all aspects and there seems to be no way out from the everyday stress. It’s everywhere, in our workplaces, the outer world, and, even in our homes, we can’t escape it but we can make sure that we are not getting much affected by it.

The most easier and natural way to get rid of stress or any kind of another disease that follows it is getting a deep long relaxing session of meditation and light massages. There is only one device that can offer all of this in one place and that is a zero gravity chair with extra advanced features. But first, we have to make sure that we have enough info on the best zero gravity chairs before buying it.

Zero Gravity Chairs: What Are They? Zero gravity chairs are those chairs that offer you a weightless experience. This is exactly what the name suggests. You don’t feel the weight of your body on the chair and you can sit for hours without feeling tired. They offer you a whole new experience that you’ve never had before. In fact, they were invented by NASA and it has been used in many different areas like the space program and the military. But recently, it is being used in many other places too.

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What are the Benefits of using a top zero gravity chair?

There are many benefits of using the best zero gravity recliners some include

  • Soothing tensed Muscles: You can soothe the pain from your tensed muscles. You can get tensed muscles when you sit in an uncomfortable posture. Such conditions can occur if you sit in your office chair or your stand for a long time. Muscles also get tensed when you eat or do other activities by sitting in an uncomfortable posture. Zero gravity chair provides the back with the best posture it requires.
  • Can Reduce Spinal Code pressure: Spine code provides a link between the brain and the rest of the lower body. Anything goes wrong with the spinal code you can experience a total loss of control from your lower body. Many people complain about back pain especially Americans. Born with a spinal problem is one thing and adopting a back problem during your life is another. Of course, you can avoid this with the best gravity chair
  • Can Promote Blood Circulation
  • Can Reduce join fatigue
  • Can prevent formation of swollen veins
  • Can increase the oxygen level
  • Can improve heart function and promote healthy breathing

Our Top Picks of Best Zero Gravity Chair

What are the disadvantages of Zero Gravity recliners?

There are no major disadvantages to using the best anti gravity chair. However, it is not advised to sleep on the zero gravity recliner. Moreover, if you develop blood clots then you also need to avoid using a recliner chair. Other than this you can use the zero gravity chairs for having the benefits.

How best zero gravity chair Differ From other Chairs?

Unlike another chair best zero gravity recliner chair can treat your back problem and can soothe your back as well as hip muscles. Forward tilting that is provided by another chair can cause many health problems. However, you can be safe from this problem by using the recliner chair.

List of Top 11 Best Zero Gravity Chairs

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Although we have compiled this guide about the best zero gravity recliner chairs if you are interested in the best zero gravity massage chairs? Come visit this mentioned link to know some helping knowledge in depth.

We have reviewed some top-rated best zero gravity chairs for you, this way you will be able to choose the best for yourself! So let’s dig in!

1. Human Touch Set Gravis ZG Chair w/Zero-Gravity Seat, Air Massage Technology, One Size, Bone Pad

Human Touch Pad Set Gravis ZG Chair w/Zero-Gravity Seat, Air Massage Technology, One Size, Sand
  • Smart massage technology - equipped with air massage technology, this machine delivers a soothing yet powerful massage along your back and glutes. The soothing motion gently removes tension and improves blood circulation.
  • Fully adjustable seat - developed with state-of-the-art functionality and design, the gravis ZG chair is engineered with a zero-gravity seat that evenly distributes the user's weight, ensuring optimal support and unmatched comfort in any position.
  • Multiple heat zones - features three targeted heat zones on the back, seat, and leg areas, which can be turned on separately or simultaneously. The added heat helps ease muscle kinks and knots to effectively relieve back pain and stress.
  • Targeted relief - soothe tired muscles and relieve body aches with this premium massage chair. Customize your experience by choosing from massage, stretch, and lumbar air massage programs and enjoy a different type of relaxation every day.

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A recliner chair that has every advanced feature that you would ever want, this is that piece that you forever wanted in your house. This is something that you would forever want to relax your body and mind, let’s dig in the exquisite features. This is a smart technology, it’s equipped with an air massage technology, this device will for sure soothe you with a powerful message, the message it delivers is great for your back and glutes.

Not only that, but a chair massage also improves blood circulation and removes circulation. The seat is fully adjustable, which gives you the privilege of adjusting the sitting arrangement according to your size, the 0 gravity seat makes sure that your weight is distributed evenly. The feature gives you optimal support and comfort.

Apart from all these exciting features, the chair is also equipped with heat zone features, there is a heating system situated on three zones of the chair including the back, the seat, and the leg areas. The heating system can be turned on separately or side by side with other features, the heat is very effective to relieve stress and back pain.

The chair provides you targeted relief, the chair takes care of all the knots and of the body aches, you can customize your massage and choose from different features including, massage, stretch, and also lumbar air massage. Apart from this, this chair comes with its own app, which is called the ZG app, the app gives you an upper hand when it comes to using amazing features such as memory settings, preset TV, nap recline positions, smart sitting options, and much more.


  • It has many massaging types.
  • High quality.
  • antigravity chair
  • Great design
  • Diversity in colors.


  • High price.

2. Human Touch Massage Chair “PC-610” Premium Leather Zero-Gravity Hand-Crafted Therapeutic Walnut Power Recliner

Perfect Chair Human Touch PC-610 Omni-Motion Power Black Matte Zero-Gravity Recliner + Jade Heat Therapy Kit - Gray Premium...
  • Jade Heat Therapy Kit Included - Black Matte Wood PC-610 Omni-Motion Power Zero Gravity Perfect Chair Recliner with 5-way Controller
  • Features New Independent Leg and Back Adjustability - Move the Footrest without moving the rest of the chair
  • Extended Armrests, Full-support head pillow, Adjustable Lumbar Support System
  • Customize your chair - Choose from Premium, Top-Grain or SoftHyde Vinyl Pads as well as three Solid Wood Base Finishes.
  • Battery Safety Feature - 9V Back-Up System (Battery not Included) will restore the chair back to the upright position in case of a power outage.

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 This piece is something that you can trust blindly because of the reputation of the company and the pride it owns, their products have been known to please people in every way. So let’s get into the features of this product to know more about it. The antigravity chair comes with an independent leg, back adjustability, zero-gravity seating, dual-motor power and, leg elevation. The piece is adjustable to your needs, it has high-density lumbar support, with a release valve, this allows you to adjust your seating comfort.

It comes with a 5-way controller which makes controlling easier for you, you can control the whole movement of the chair by sitting in one place. This extra-wide best choice zero gravity chair has a sleek ergonomic design that is beautifully crafted, made from top-grain leather, including the arms.

It has an articulating headrest, which includes a full support head pillow, along with an extended armrest, which acts as constant support even if the chair is in recline. The product has smooth-motion glide rails a high – tensile- strength body frame that protects against dust.

It also comes with a zero-gravity immersion, this feature uses the person’s weight as a help to ease the person into the most accurate position that the person’s body should be in. Talking about the composition, it has hand-carved and hand stained solid wood which is 100% renewable.

The best part about the chair is the customizable options, you can choose from anything that you like including top-grain leather, a solid wood base, and additional upgrades of memory foam. This product also has a battery safety feature, which means that you would have a backup battery, it will restore the chair to an upright position when there is no power, the product requires 9V batteries.


  • The product is high in quality.
  • Has many features
  • It has a backup battery.
  • A great head and armrest.


  • It has a faulty delivery service.

3. Chair And a Half Recliner “PC-420” Top Grain Leather Hand-Crafted Zero-Gravity Dark Walnut Manual Recliner, Black

Human Touch Perfect Chair "PC-420" Premium Full Grain Leather Hand-Crafted Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner, Cognac
  • Neutral posture positioning evenly distributes body weight to eliminate painful pressure points. Zero-gravity seating expands lung capacity, allowing for deeper and more relaxed breathing
  • The Recline Lever. The smooth recline motion eases the Perfect Chair to position your body in a state of virtual weightlessness
  • 100% Full-Grain Premium Leather Upholstery
  • The Warmth of Wood. Our hand-carved and hand-sanded solid wood base is made from the Hevea Brasiliensis (the rubber tree), which yields one of the strongest woods on earth. The result-rich, lustrous beauty that lasts for years and years.

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The features of this exquisite chair are something that makes it so unique, people absolutely loved everything about this chair and we are excited to tell you all about it. Let’s dig into the features of this piece so we know all about it, the piece has an adjustable, high-density lumbar support which is equipped with a release valve, which gives you seating comfort.

On the other hand, the sleek ergonomic design that it has is beautifully crafted, the pad is made to provide you with comfort, it relieves all your pain from head to toe, also covering your arms. Let’s talk about the rest that this chair has with it, it has an articulated headrest, an extended armrest, a recline lever that smoothes the recline motion which makes turning your recliner in a chair easier and smoother.

There are smooth motion glide rails in this chair, this feature makes the structure strong, it makes sure that the structure remains without any kind of rust or dust to it. The chair also has a zero gravity immersion, which means that the recline is fluid manual, it uses the body weight to gently ease the pressure on the chair so that it adjusts according to the body weight.

Talking about the composition of the antigravity chair, it is hand-carved and hands stained wood which is 100% renewable because it has a solid parawood base. The chair and a half recliner also have an aesthetic look to it, with a sculpted brushed aluminum leg accents with integrated floor guides will make it look pleasing. You also get many customizable options.


  • Zero gravity.
  • Great aesthetics.
  • It has a release valve.
  • Large size.
  • Good quality.


  • The width and length are too short.

4. Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair – Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair, One Size, Saddle
  • SMART MASSAGE CHAIR - Developed to utilize Alexa, this massager is your own Virtual Therapist at home. The intuitive assistant commands your Novo and customizes your massage based on your physical requirements and preferences.
  • ERGONOMIC UNIBODY TRACK - Designed with a unibody track that covers up to 60% more of the back than conventional massage chairs, it allows you to experience superior relaxation from your neck down to your thighs.
  • 3D AND 4D PROGRAMS - This high-performance massager comes with 38 wellness programs that offer a unique experience for each session. Its 4D programs offer variable speed and massage strokes to simulate the hands of a professional therapist.
  • ADVANCED INTERFACE - Featuring fingertip controls, this chair has a convenient control panel which manages power on, auto program startup, adjust recline position, heat settings, speaker volume, and return to upright position.
  • PREMIUM SOUND SYSTEM - Equipped with Altec Lansing sound system, this innovative massager allows you to listen to the immersive sounds of nature to enhance relaxation. It also offers a narration of the features and health benefits of Super Novo.

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We sure do need something that is just not good in quality but it should also be great with style, the massage chair should have the property to merge in with any kind of environment that we put it into and this chair right here has it. This chair is much different than any other chair and that is because of the Alexa connection feature, it is a smart chair that you can connect with your Alexa, have your own virtual therapist at home.

If you want superior relaxation then this is the only product you would ever want because of the design this thing is built-in, it’s beautifully crafted in every way. The uni track’s amazing design covers up to 60% of the back conventional massages, it makes you feel deeply relaxed from your neck to your thighs.

This chair has many programs including the 3D and the 4D programs, this high-quality massager is certainly something that you would need, the massager comes with 38 wellness programs that offer a new experience. Let’s talk about the 4D programs, they offer variable speed and different massage strokes to implicate the hands of any other professional therapist.

This smart chair comes with a smart fingertip massager control system, a convenient control panel which manages the turning on and off, it also has an auto startup method, it has a adjust recline position, the panel has heat control, speaker volume, and the panel controls the upright position.

The chair massager also has a premium sound system, it is equipped with a landing sound system, this massager allows you to listen to your favorite jam while you have a massage, this enhances relaxation. The sound system is equipped in the chair also offers a narration of the feature and health benefits of the chair massager.

Something that I don’t like about the massager is that it’s not cheap.


  • Has a smart fingertip control system.
  • It has a smart 3D and 4D system.
  • fingertip massager
  • It has many massages modes.
  • It has a great sound system.


  • It’s very expensive.

5. Human Touch NOVO XT2 Massage Chair, One Size, Cream

Human Touch NOVO XT2 Massage Chair, One Size, Espresso
  • IMPROVED MASSAGE TECHNOLOGY - Engineered with five intensity settings, allowing you to adjust the massage intensity for a more therapeutic massage. Features dual-lumbar heat that soothes the back to loosen tight muscles.
  • SPACE SAVING INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Developed with a space-saving structure that only requires 2-inches of wall clearance for seamless pivoting from upright to a reclined position. Features premium sound system compatible with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • ZERO GRAVITY POSITIONING - With just a touch of a button, this massager easily puts your body into a doctor-recommended neutral-posture position that effectively helps reduce and alleviate back pain and improves quality rest.
  • UNIBODY COVERAGE - Built with a unique S- and L-track unibody design that molds into your body. The S-Track closely follows the curvature of the spine while the L-Track offers extended coverage from your neck and shoulders to your glutes and thighs.
  • PRESSURE APPLICATION - Reinforced with strategically placed targeted aircells that works by applying pressure across key healing points and manipulate your body to stretch muscles. Promotes increased comfort and relief.

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This recliner massager is straight out of the art, it has everything that a person needs to make relaxed and forget all the worldly stress, let’s dig into the features to know more about the recliner chair. This piece has an improved massage technology, did you know that it’s engineered with five different intensity settings, this allows a person to have a variety of intensities. You also have the power to adjust the intensities.

For a more relaxing massage, you get dual lumber heat massage, this loosens tight muscles. Most of us are worried about whether the recliner chair will fit in our space or not, it only requires 2 inches of wall backspace, it also has a great premium sound system, you also get a Bluetooth system. It also has a zero-gravity position, it has a one-touch button operating system, which makes this managing easier, this massager is great if your doctor prescribed you the massage, it will automatically put you in a relaxed position which will be according to your body weight.

It makes sure that you get a unibody coverage, the massager is built with an amazing S and L shape body system, this system makes sure that the surface of the massager is adjusted to your body shape. This covers everything from your neck to your legs. It has a unique pressure application, you get a more relaxed and comforting massage, the air cells that are placed all over the massager inflate and deflate, this stretches the muscles and relaxed them.

The best thing about the massager is that it’s endorsed by the world federation of chiropractic, which gives you a green light about the quality of the massager.


  • Unique pressure application.
  • Zero gravity position.
  • It has a unibody coverage.
  • Airbag system.


  • It’s overpriced.

6. Human Touch Sana Massage Chair – Best Full-Body Massage Chair

Human Touch SANA Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair, 9 Auto-Programmed S & L Track Massages, Back, Leg, Shoulder, Arm, Wrist,...
  • 9 AUTO-PROGRAMMED MASSAGES: Reap the therapeutic benefits of a rejuvenating massage in the comfort of your home or office. This space-saving full-body massage chair features 9 massage programs, including Full-Body, Stretch, and Recovery for customizable solutions to various body aches and tensions.
  • SOOTHING HEAT FOR PAIN RELIEF: Unwind after a long day with Dual Lumbar Heat Technology, which provides adjustable and targeted heat to gently soothe the back and loosen tight muscles, promoting relief from pain and discomfort. Combined with zero-gravity positioning and contoured massage rollers, it’s a one-stop shop for total relaxation
  • S- & L-TRACK MASSAGE: Designed with state-of-the-art S- and L-track massage rollers that extend massage coverage from the neck and shoulders all the way down to the calves and feet, the Sana zero-gravity massage recliner chair follows the natural curvature of the spine to alleviate pressure and promote peak relaxation.
  • CALMING CLOUD TOUCH ACUPRESSURE: Built with strategically placed air cells to apply pressure to key healing points, Human Touch Sana gently manipulates the body to enhance energy flow, promote balance, provide a lengthening stretch for sore muscles, and help alleviate wrist and forearm discomfort.
  • BUILT-IN ENTERTAINMENT CENTER: Human Touch Sana features built-in Bluetooth speakers and a USB port for the hassle-free connection of your phone or handheld device. Listen to relaxing music, read your favorite ebook, or watch a video while you enjoy your massage, which can easily be personalized with the remote control that features an advanced LCD display.

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This massager chair is something that you definitely need when you want a relaxing massage when you get home. Let’s know more about the features to see what this chair is. There is 9 auto wellness program in this chair, along with the therapeutic benefits of this massage, it is also aesthetically pleasing. This amazing chair has 9 massage programs, which include the full-body stretch and it also provides recovery from different kinds of muscle body aches.

Wanna know more about this beauty? It has a calming cloud touch acupressure technology, it is built with properly placed air cells all over the chair, which apply pressure to all the key healing points of your body so that it takes care of all your pain. It also has a specified S and L track system, this extends the coverage of the massage which goes from your neck to your back and then finally covering your legs. It takes care of the natural curvature of your spine.

You also get a natural heating system which numbs your pain and provide instant relief to your pain. This chair also has a built-in entertainment center, it has a blue tooth system with speakers and a USB port for a hassle-free connection. You can listen to your favorite music or maybe watch a video.


  • Auto wellness program.
  • Soothing heat system.
  • Acupressure system.


  • They don’t deliver worldwide.

7. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair – Cheap Zero Gravity Chair

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Zero Gravity Recliner Massage Chair - Full Body Professional Grade Personal Massage - Relaxation w Heat...
  • REJUVENATING BODY MASSAGE - This innovative chair offers a full-body therapy to soothe pain in your muscles. It has a BodyMap PRO feature that lets you choose the area that needs relief so you can feel better.
  • 5 SELECTABLE PROGRAMS - Designed with 5 auto-massage programs: Full, Upper, Lower, Relax, and Sleep massage, this state-of-the-art machine allows you to customize your experience for a rejuvenating massage done right in the comfort of your home.
  • CIRQLATION TECHNOLOGY - Powered with Figure-Eight technology, it massages the calves in an upward, wave-like motion to optimize blood circulation from your foot to your core to improve general health and enhance vitality.
  • SEAMLESS ORBITAL MASSAGERS - Developed with our new FlexGlide solution, this modern technology is equipped with a 3D orbital system that delivers a therapeutic massage without the uncomfortable pinching and friction from normal massage chairs.
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART DESIGN - Engineered with an ottoman that acts as a foot and calf massager and a swivel base that rotates up to 55 degrees, this chair offers the ultimate in comfort. Its sofhyde material cushions your body and provides ample support.

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Your search for an amazing massager that has every feature in it ends over here if you wanna know more about this massager let’s dig in. This massage offers you full-body rejuvenation, it gives you full therapy, to take care of all your pain that is located in your muscles, it has a body map pro feature which makes sure that you are hitting the accurate pain spot.

It has five selectable programs, it has a lower, full, upper, relax, and, sleep massage. This is a great massager which acts as an all-rounder, the calf massage width is 4 inches in total. The circulation technology which is powered with figure-eight technology, massages your calves in a wave-like upward motion, which optimizes blood circulation throughout your whole body.

This piece also has seamless orbital massagers, it is a newly developed technology, this modern technology is also equipped with a 3D orbital system which gives a soothing massage, the best part about the massager is that it eliminates all the annoying pinching like motion that another massager chair has.

The design and the composition of the chair is something to simply adore, it has a separate foot and calf massage, it has a swivel base which rotates, this chair is simply the name of comfort, the cushions give you great support while you enjoy your massage.


  • Has a swivel base.
  • Many massage types.
  • High quality.
  • human touch zero gravity chair
  • Space saving.


  • Low-quality fabric.

8. Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 Massage Chair – Swivel Base, Targeted Techniques – Relaxing Sensitive Technology – Fully Assembled

Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 Full Body Massage Chair Recliner Zero Gravity Chair w/ Retractable Ottoman- Personal Professional-Grade...
  • FULL BODY MASSAGE CHAIR - Engineered to provide you with an whole body massage right at the comfort of your home! This massage chair is designed to seamlessly simulate the hands and technique of a trained massage professional.
  • STRESS-REDUCING RELAXATION - Developed with the 3D FlexGlide Technology designed to deliver sensitive massage techniques to effectively alleviate stress. It offers a seamless glide to give you the ultimate relaxation free from pinching and friction.
  • ANGULAR SWIVEL BASE - Structured with a 55-degree swivel base that gives you the freedom to enjoy a massage from any angle. It's multi-directional design allows you to easily navigate the chair without dragging it to a different direction.
  • TARGETED RELIEF - Built with three stationary massage techniques and a glide massage that can be combined for a custom massage. It features a Range button for your vertical massage range with Position and Partial Glide that targets specific areas.
  • IMPROVES BLOOD FLOW - Finished with a retractable foot and calf massager with CirQlation Technology. It effectively massages the legs in an upward motion to force the blood into the body's core for improved circulation.

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This product by human touch is something that you definitely need in your household, the features of this chair will tell you why. It is a full body massage chair, you get a whole-body massage comfort sitting in your home, it stimulates your hands and makes you feel like getting a massage from a professional.

It provides you with stress-reducing relaxation, this machine will make sure that all your stress is washed away after a long relaxing massage. The chair has an angular swivel base, it has a structured 55-degree base that gives you the power to enjoy the whole massage from any kind of angle that you prefer, the design is multi-directional feature allows you to navigate easily while you have a massage.

You get exactly targeted relief and that is because of the three massage techniques which make sure that your main body parts are taken care of. This massager also makes sure that you get a retractable foot and calf massager technology. It makes sure that your legs as massaged, something that not all massagers have.


  • It is a full-body massager.
  • It is stress-reducing.
  • Swivel base.
  • Provides targeted relief.
  • It improves blood flow.


  • Less cushioning.

9. Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 – Premium Massage Chair with 3D Massage

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Zero-Gravity Premium Massage Chair with 3D Massage, Black Color Option
  • The Ultimate Zero-Gravity Experience: The ZeroG 5.0 zero-gravity full body massage chair has a Smart 3D massage engine that delivers a smooth massage designed for rejuvenation, relaxation, pain relief, and healing
  • Foot & calf massager can extend to accommodate users of various heights
  • The fully encompassing foot-and-calf massager is designed for a therapeutic massage complete with vibration and proprietary Figure-Eight Technology that helps push the blood flow in an upward motion to improve circulation
  • Patented Warm Air Technology: Targets relief from shoulders to lower back. 2 lumbar heat modules gently envelope your back, soothing tight muscles and relieving pain
  • Other unique features include body height customization, seat massage, foot vibration, and 3D massage intensity that adjusts shoulders, neck, and upper & lower back massage

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This another massager by human touch is something that you definitely need if you have a really busy routine and you need something that would wash off all your stress in just a small session. You get a whole 0 gravity experience, it also takes care of all your body pain because when your body reaches equilibrium, your body rejuvenates itself and provides you relaxation. The foot and calf massager in the chair is separable.

The calf and foot massager also makes sure that you get a therapeutic massage, the massage is with vibrations with a figure-eight technology. It pushes the blood flow in an upward motion. The chair has a warm air technology, it targets relief from shoulder to your lower back, it has two lumbar heat modules, it soothes tight muscles and gives relief to pain.

The device also comes with heat customization, it has seat massage, foot vibration, 3D massage intensity and it adjusts shoulders. The chair comes fully assembled.


  • Zero gravity.
  • Heat customization.
  • Seat massage.
  • Warm air technology.


  • Low-quality delivery service.

10. Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 – Take the Perfect Zero Gravity Manual Recliner

Perfect Chair "PC-420" Top Grain Leather Hand-Crafted Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner, Black
  • Neutral posture positioning evenly distributes body weight to eliminate painful pressure points. Zero-gravity seating expands lung capacity, allowing for deeper and more relaxed breathing
  • The Recline Lever. The smooth recline motion eases the Perfect Chair to position your body in a state of virtual weightlessness
  • Choose the finish of Top-Grain upholstery. This stunning top-grain leather is designed for style and longevity with a subtle, pebble-grain texture, and is complemented by beautiful French, triple-stitch patterns that reflect the quality and dedication invested in each and every Perfect Chair recliner.
  • The Warmth of Wood. Our hand-carved and hand-sanded solid wood base is made from the Hevea Brasiliensis (the rubber tree), which yields one of the strongest woods on earth. The result-rich, lustrous beauty that lasts for years and years.

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You don’t have to be exhausted if you are having severe back pain instead get yourself treated with the right zero gravity and an ergonomic reclining chair. Of course, this full recliner chair helps you heal back pain and keeps you relaxed and comfortable. So, stop wasting your precious money on any artificial appearance but give yourself relaxation and treatment for your problems. Human touch perfect chair PC-420 is the best manual recliner for relaxation and also for the treatment of back pain.

Therefore, this fully reclinable chair with zero gravity gives you full manual support to feel relaxed even more. Also, its strong wooden structure is reliable enough to last years as compared to various same functioning chair reliability. Well, this padded 0 gravity chair is not a power recliner to operate with remote controls, so keep that in mind that it is entirely manual and use with your own hands. In addition to this, that is the reason why this chair is more durable and reliable.

However, this best anti gravity chair gives your body quick healing after an operation or injury. So, it helps you to get back in the regular routine by improving the blood flow of your body thoroughly. Besides, its manual functions make it more reliable to use for long years without any defects. Also, ergonomics is necessary for today’s life as it decreases the stress of the body by relieving the pressure.

Moreover, its adjustable lumbar support gives various chances to customize it according to your position. Human touch pc-420 recliner is a modern and elegant design recliner that gives your living room an enhancing look with its best quality leather.

However, discussing various benefits of this ergonomic reclining chair. There are also some of its drawbacks present below.


  • Zero gravity
  • Best for back pains
  • Elegant design
  • Reliable


  • Bit expensive as compare to the same functioning chair
  • No massage options available

11. Bliss Hammocks Gravity Free Lounger with Canopy

Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy and Side Tray, Sage Green, 26" Wide
  • Zero-gravity outdoor recliner chair provides a stress-free weightless feel to relax muscles and reduce stress
  • Adjustable sun shade offers protection from the sun; drink tray included can be placed on either side of recliner
  • Seating made of woven PVC coated polyester for versatility and strength; powder coated steel frame to prevent rusting
  • Reclines and locks in any position for personalized comfort; padded ergonomic headrest included
  • Folds instantly to 6.25" x 38" x 26" for easy storage or transport; holds up to 300 lbs. capacity

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This best zero gravity recliner can provide you relaxation in the hot sun. The canopy can provide you shade from the hot rays of the sun. You can also adjust the angle of the canopy. You can also use this lounge chair for the beach or for the poolside.

This model also comes with the armrest and pillow, which is placed on the head region. The soft pillow can provide rest to your neck in order to release the tension. The design well made to ensure the ergonomic built of the chair. When you are in the reclined position you will feel that you are sinking in the chair and by this, you will get the pressure-relieving effect.

Another prominent feature of this chair is its drink tray that can be placed on either side.


The vinyl coated polyester material is there to provide you durability. The material is durable enough because it can store weight up to 300-lbs. because it is made to put in the sun, the material is also chosen in such a way to save the chair from fading away because of the sun.

The frame is also made waterproof. You can easily clean it without worrying about rust or corrosion.

Other Feature

When you are in a zero-gravity position, you can lock the position with the pin. This chair also comes with the easy to travel feature. You can easily pack it flat and can take it anywhere with you.


  • Sunshade Canopy
  • Chick Design
  • Durable Material
  • Can provide shade on hot days
  • Side Adjustable Table
  • Available in 15 Design


  • Not For Indoor Use

Zero Gravity Chair Buyers Guide

If you want to have the best zero gravity chairs then you need to look for many things. You can see the functionality and another characteristic of the recliner chair to choose out the best one. Let’s see what are the things that you can expect from the best zero gravity chairs.


Budget is the first thing to consider before having anything especially the best zero gravity recliner. You can either have a cheap zero gravity chair or you can make a good investment to have a recliner that can be by your side for years.

You need to first look for the feature that you want your recliner to have. After knowing about the features you can set the budget accordingly.

Durability and Sturdiness

You need to look for durability and sturdiness because the best zero gravity chair is used more often than other chairs. These chairs are for placing along the side of the pool. Because, of their extensive use, you need to look for the reputed brand before doing the purchase.

Of course, the entire chairs listed above are taken from the reputed brands. The brands listed above are enjoying a good reputation.


To have the durability you need to look for the material. You need to look for a chair made with aluminum or steel frames. Also, breathable materials and other accessories can help to ensure the durability of the chair.


You also need to look for finishing because finishing can resist the humidity and other environmental factors. The best zero gravity chair comes with powder-coated frames. Such a coat is good to resist corrosion.

In the beach environment, there will be salt in the atmosphere. So, such coating on the aluminum will resist the salt in order to provide durability. In addition to this, you need to wipe your chair before packing to remote the salt persisting on the chair.

We also recommend that you avoid black powder-coated frames. The black color can absorb more radiation than other colors. Because of the black color, the frame can get so hot that it can burn your hands.

Frame Lock Mechanism

Zero gravity chair is there to provide comfort and an easy moment. With the reclining position, you can take away the pressure from your hips and your back. Being in a recline position can make you feel like you are suspended in the air. When you are in a recline position, you will feel that you need to take a nap because of the relaxed feeling.

The locking frame mechanism can hold the chair in its place. When your chair is in that position you won’t come to its vertical position. You can find the locking chair from the side of the chair. You need to ensure that your chair includes a locking mechanism. However, you also need to look for a high-quality locking mechanism.

If you have a low-quality chair you can get a poor locking mechanism. Such a poor locking mechanism can break easily after the warranty period.

Zero gravity chair can come with a double locking mechanism. The double locking mechanism is there to ensure that the locking mechanism does not break. also recommend that you choose the best Zero gravity chair with a double locking mechanism.

Fabric Quality

You also need to consider the fabric quality because a good fabric can not only blend into your décor but can also provide durability. Fabric can also include other properties such as waterproofing properties.

Side Tray & Cup Holder

You can also look for this feature because the side tray and cup holder can easily place the cup containing your drinks. Because of the built-in side table, you can enjoy your drink along the poolside. You can also enjoy your drinks while enjoying the beach.

Sunshade and canopy

A sunshade and canopy are very important because sunlight can cause wrinkles as well as skin burns. You can keep your skin away from the sun with this sunshade or canopy. A sunshade can enable you to enjoy the sun without worrying about the harmful UV rays of the sun.


Pillows can provide you with the comfort you deserve. You can have built-in pillows in the Zero gravity chair that can make you relaxed by taking away the pain. Headrest pillows can take away your neck pain.

Ergonomic Design

You should look for the ergonomic design of the chair. Ergonomic design can provide the best shape for your back. The ergonomic armrest also provides comfort to your arm by providing the best shape to your arm. Ergonomic design can take away the pill up the pressure of the elbow joints as well as wrist and other body parts.


The size of the recliner as well as your size is very important if you are considering the recliner. The size of the place where you want to put the recliner will dictate the size of the recliner. However, you can easily take the recliner anywhere so in this matter you can have any sized recliner.

However, your size is very important because a recliner has to support your height. If the recliner size is small or large then you size then you cannot have the comfort that you expect from the recliner. Such a small or large recliner can even hurt you contrary to provide you comfort.

Weight Bearing Capacity

Weight-bearing capacity can also tell you the amount that the recliner can hold easily. You can go for the chair that can hold a good amount of weight because the more sturdy it is the more durable it will get.


Stability is also equally important, when you are on the recliner you need to feel secure and free from worry. Let’s say that you sit on the recliner that moves in strange ways, you can know from this that the weight of your body will be unevenly distributed on the chair and you might run into an accident.
To avoid any accident, you can look for thicker frames. Such thicker frames can also come in chic design as well as light in weight. Having an uneven chair can even hurt you psychologically. So, to avoid any damage you can look for stability.

How to assemble zero gravity chairs?

Assembling the zero gravity chairs is not as hard as it seems. You will not be presented with a manual of 1000 pages. Zero gravity chairs are so easy to set up that you will see that it takes no time to even assemble them.

Such an easy assembling feature makes the recliner easy to pack for traveling. Most zero gravity recliner comes with almost no assembling, you can take it out and use it. However, you may also find recliners that require little but of assembling.

What are the Health Benefits of Using Zero-Gravity Chairs?

You can have many health benefits by using a zero gravity chair. You can easily get free from the pain of your back as well as your hips with such recliners. Your body remains in a state of pressure throughout the day. You can relieve that pressure by using such chairs. Being in an unequal posture can reduce the quality of your life.

Health Benefits of Using Best Zero Gravity Chairs

With the best zero gravity chair, you will get the chance to correct your posture and to soothe the muscles of your lower back and hips. The tendons of you back can become short and can cause pain you can avoid this and become free from posture problem and back pain.

FAQ’s Regarding Best Zero Gravity Chair

How Zero Gravity chair work?

A best zero gravity chair works by providing your body the best position that can make your body feel like it’s floating in the air. This posture can also mimic the hammock position but the zero gravity position can keep your head, spine, back, and hips in the best position. Better posture can avoid many medical problems such as sciatica and spondylosis. Moreover, if you required to know more about why do you need a zero gravity chair? Please visit this page and to learn more about the best zero gravity recliner chairs.

Can I sleep in zero gravity chair?

Yes, you can sleep in the recliner because such a position can provide you perfect posture and you feel like you are having the perfect sleep. The ideal lumbar support and soothing the muscle effect can also help people suffering from insomnia. However, it is not advised to sleep on the zero gravity chair but it is advised that you take a nap on such chair.

Can Zero Gravity chair lay flat?

No, a recliner chair cannot lay flat. The recliner chair is made in such a way to ensure a perfect zero gravity position and to avoid falling in the back. You cannot lie on your stomach or lay on your back. The design of the zero-gravity is in such a way to correct the posture.

Are Recliners heavy in weight?

It depends on the type of recliner. The most recliner is not heavy in weight because they provide easy to transport property. However, there are zero gravity chairs that can be heavy in weight. You can look for the weight to know how heavy is your zero gravity chair.

Can you raise the legs independent of the chair reclining?

No, this is not possible if we consider the reclining chair. When you recline your legs automatically come up and this is the feature of the zero gravity chair. Zero gravity chair is the technology that can make you experience the things which a normal chair doesn’t make you experience.

Does best zero gravity chairs require assembly?

Yes, most zero gravity chairs can provide quick assembling. However, you can also get a chair that does not require assembling at all. You can even fold the chair when you are not using it and simply unfold it if you want to use it. The chair can also be ready to go to chairs.

Final Verdict About Best Zero Gravity Chairs

Now you have a good idea about the best zero gravity chairs. We have reviewed more than 30 zero gravity chairs from all perspectives and shortlist these 11 best zero gravity chairs for you. Among these 11 we have picked “Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair” as the best zero gravity recliner chair. Because this smart massage zero gravity chair is a one-man army. With the help of Alexa, you can completely control the functions of this massage chair. like what type of massage you want on which body part machine should be emphasized.

It also has the 3D and 4D programs that provide you an ultimate massage therapy with the help of variable speed along with various massage strokes quite professionally. Furthermore, this machine also has a smart and accurate fingertip massage control system that helps you to perform, turning on and off, changing the reclining position, speak volume, heat controls, etc. In short, we analyze, this zero gravity massage chair will full fill all of your needs conveniently and provide you the relaxation that you have never experienced before.

You may differ with our top pick and can choose any of the other mentioned best anti gravity chairs according to your requirements. However, you need to know that you can get different functions from the best zero gravity chairs. You can look for the function that you are looking for or that appeals to you the most.

If you suffer from back pain or you want to relax then zero gravity recliners will be the best option for you. However, you need to choose the one that is durable and can recline to zero gravity position with ease. Stability is also the main concern because you want to feel relaxed rather than worrying about the accident that might happen because of stability.

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